´ Somboon Advance Technology Public Company Limited
What are SAT’s key products and sales breakdown?
: (Sales for Q1 2018)
Axle Shaft 28%
Drum Brake & Disc 25%
Agricultural Machinery Parts 17%
Hub 5%
Others 25%
What are SAT’s key customers and sales breakdown?
: (Sales for Q1 2018)
Mitsubishi 36%
Toyota & Hino 25%
Kubota 17%
Isuzu 7%
Honda 5%
Nissan 3%
Others 7%
What are sales portions on parts for Pickup and Passenger Car?
: (Sales portion for 2017)
Sales for Pickup & Truck approximately of 60%, and the remaining for Passenger car and others
Where are sources of production technology?
We have TA (Technical Assistance) from Japan as follows: Gohsyu (Forging process for Axle Shaft) Ibara Seiki (Machining process for both Axle Shaft and Casting products i.e. Drum Brake and Disc Brake) Takeda Casting Corporation (Casting process for Casting Products)